f 4/24/2020 Uncle Mo Alotta Skirt
c 3/8/2020 Twirling Candy Angie Grand
f 2/7/2020 Lookin at Lucky Arlene's Holiday
f 4/20/2020 Lookin at Lucky Brief Mark
f 1/27/2020 Cloud Computing Call Me Mischief
c 2/17/2020 Flintshire Candy Portena
f 3/1/2020 Mendelssohn Colour Party
c 4/8/2020 Not This Time Daring Darling
c 5/8/2020 Always Dreaming Deceptive
f 3/14/2020 Kitten's Joy Diamondinthecenter
f 3/25/2020 More Than Ready Diva Style
f 2/9/2020 Violence Eighth Wonder
f 4/29/2020 Speightstown Elusive Wave
c 5/26/2020 Violence Fay Na Na
f 3/2/2020 Oscar Performance Inside Out
f 4/21/2020 Tapit Jenny's Prayer
c 3/26/2020 Street Boss Locust Bride
f 4/13/2020 Uncle Mo Maggi O'Prado
c 2/22/2020 Street Sense Mirapoix
c 1/26/2020 Nyquist Missouria
f 4/5/2020 Honor Code Orrery
c 2/5/2020 Tapit Part the Seas
c 2/24/2020 Cross Traffic Perfect Pegasus
c 4/23/2020 Palice Malice Perils of Pauline
c 2/25/2020 More Than Ready Rockadelic
c 4/4/2020 Violence Ruminate
c 4/11/2020 Yockey's Warrior Seaside Candy
c 3/28/2020 Daredevil Shady Violence
f 5/14/2020 Dialed In Shysheisnot
f 3/7/2020 Uncle Mo Singwiththebirds
f 5/9/2020 Oscar Performance Sistas Stroll
c 3/2/2020 Yockey's Warrior Skyline Drive
f 3/18/2020 McCraken Sole Miss
c 2/7/2020 Tapit Sweet Talkin
c 4/28/2020 Malibu Moon Taro
c 3/17/2020 Candy Ride Viva Malala
c 4/21/2020 Frosted Walking in Nassau