c 4/24/2021 Uncle Mo Alotta Skirt
f 3/31/2021 Astern Amazing Zero
f 3/8/2021 Catalina Cruiser Angie Grand
f 1/20/2021 Munnings As the Snow Flies
f 2/6/2021 Frosted Banded
f 4/16/2021 Connect Bid it Up
f 5/12/2021 World of Trouble Brief Mark
c 3/27/2021 Vino Rosso Catch the Fire
f 3/29/2021 Mitole Champipple
c 2/26/2021 American Pharoah Daisy Miller
c 4/23/2021 Goldencents Daring Darling
c 4/9/2021 More Than Ready Diamondinthecenter
f 4/6/2021 More Than Ready Diva Style
c 5/2/2021 Bolt d'Oro Elusive Wave
c 1/26/2021 Mitole Hidden Reward
f 3/10/2021 The Factor Jill's Firebird
c 3/30/2021 Munnings Locust Bride
f 2/6/2021 Kantharos Missouria
c 2/28/2021 Enticed Perfect Pegasus
c 4/26/2021 Street Boss Perils of Pauline
f 3/13/2021 Half Ours Posse Up
f 3/5/2021 More Than Ready Rockadelic
f 1/29/2021 Palace Malice Rumi
f 3/5/2021 Quality Road S S Pinafore
c 3/31/2021 Speightster Shady Violence
c 5/5/2021 Twirling Candy Shapely
c 5/13/2021 Into Mischief Shysheisnot
c 4/1/2021 Gun Runner Singwiththebirds
c 4/1/2021 Cairo Prince Sole Miss
c 2/14/2021 Sharp Azteca Tappinginthestreet
c 4/17/2021 Blofeld Union Way
c 4/21/2021 Candy Ride Viva Malala